Bora Light - Double Layer

Bora Light - Double Layer

Bora Light - Double Layer

  • Brand : Reign Tactical
  • Product Code : Bora Light(D)
  • Availability : Built To Order
  • $109.98

Available Options

    Please click on the black circled question mark beside each option title for an explanation of the option. 

    The Bora Light(D) is one of our most recognizable Kydex holster designs.  It has the unique ability to be subtle and tame but it can also be wild and bold.  The vast range of options for the Bora Light(D) allows you to turn your custom Kydex holster into a truly unique piece.  The window in the holster is aesthetically pleasing but don't take the Bora Light(D) for a safe queen.  It is a tough holster.  The two layers of .080 Kydex makes the holster very rigid and it offers a good, solid lockup.  It is our number one selling Kydex holster for light bearing pistols and for good reason.  The Bora Light(D) is available as IWB and OWB and performs either role perfectly.    

  • Adjustable Retention
  • Threaded Barrel Options
  • Suppressor Sights Options
  • RMR Options
  • Light Bearing
  • Left or Right Hand
  • IWB or OWB
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Estimated Lead Time For This Item Is Listed At The Top Of Your Screen.  This Is Not A Next Day Ship Item.  

Material Print, Shape, Length, Width, Weight And The Location Of Cuts/Curves Of The Holster Are Solely Dependent Upon The Type And Size Of The Pistol/Light.


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If we do not have your light listed, we may still be able to build a holster for your light bearing pistol.  When we do this we will ask that you send us your light to make the holster with.  Please contact us if you wish to know whether we can build a holster using your light.  We can with most lights although there are a few we cannot.  

Note:  We DO NOT guarantee that our holsters will fit lights that are not genuine name brands.  If you buy a knock-off Surefire X300, it may fit our holsters and it may not.  We build our holsters with genuine versions of lights and we can only guarantee that they will fit when you use genuine versions of the light.  
If you have a knock-off, play it safe and send us the light to build your holster with.  If you send us the light, we can guarantee the fit.  Many non-genuine versions of lights have different dimensions or are manufactured to different tolerances than their genuine counterparts.  


This option is asking which side of your body you will be carrying your pistol / holster on.  Are you right or left handed?


The Cant is the degree at which the holster rides.  0º has the barrel pointing straight down.  


The Claw is primarily used for appendix inside the waistband carry (concealed carry).  It is designed to press your pistol grip into the body to aid in reduced printing.  When utilized properly, it works very well.  

Sweat Guard

The Sweat Guard gets its name from the protection it offers the pistol from sweat.  The sweat guard is most often used as a barrier for ones shirt.  Tuck your shirt behind the sweat guard and it will prevent your shirt from falling into the holster when the pistol is drawn.  

Medium Sweat Guard is by far our most common.  It is approximately 1" short of being a Full Sweat Guard. 

Sweat Guard: None is our recommendation for holsters being worn in the Appendix Location.  A sweat guard tends to be uncomfortable when worn appendix.  

Sweat Guard: None  is our recommendation when using an OWB mount that offsets the holster from the body such as the G-Code RTI system.  

Below is an image showing approximate heights of Sweat Guards.  

Dependent Option:  The exception to the Sweat Guard height rule is this:

The Sweat Guard cannot be cut lower than the Front Guard.  It must be equal in height or higher than the front guard.  If you ask for no Sweat Guard and also ask for a standard front guard (Shooters Cut: NO) , your sweat guard will be the same height as your front guard.  If you want NO Sweat Guard, in the "Shooters Cut" option, choose "YES".  

Shooters Cut


The "RMR Cut" is for red dot optic equipped pistols.  The holster is cut down to the breech face to allow room for the red dot optic.

Note:  The holster will function perfectly fine with an RMR Cut even if your pistol does not have a red dot optic on it.   

Suppressor Sights

Commonly referred to as "Tall Sights" or "High Sights", this option will allow your holster to accommodate up to .500" tall sights.  Suppressor Sights are used with suppressors/silencers as well as with red dot optics.  

If you do not know whether your sights are Suppressor Sights, chances are, they're not.  The vast majority of night sights are not Suppressor Sights.  

Note:  The holster will work fine when built for Suppressor Sights whether you currently have Suppressor Sights on your pistol or not.  

Threaded Barrel

If you have plans of getting a threaded barrel in the future, we suggest you go ahead and have your holster built to accommodate it.  The holster will function fine when built to accommodate it whether you currently have a threaded barrel on your pistol or not.  

Outside Color

The "Outside Color" is the outermost piece of Kydex.  The Outside Color does not physically touch your pistol.  In the picture below, the "Outside Color" is Arctic White.  

We have more colors available than what is pictured here.  We are working on getting more color swatches added to this list.

Inside Color

The "Inside Color" is the innermost piece of Kydex.  It is the piece of Kydex that is touching your pistol.  In the image below, the "Inside Color" is Blood Red.

We have more colors available than what is pictured here.  We are working on getting more color swatches added to this list.

Edge Cut

Edge Cut will define a major factor in the overall appearance of your holster.  The pictures below show examples of the different cuts.  Keep in mind that different holsters will look differently even though they have the same edge cut.  A Slim Reign and a Bora's Reign, both with the Flow Cut, will look differently. These pictures are meant to show the basic idea of certain edge cuts and not to show you exactly what your holster will look like.  

Slide Cut

The Slide Cut is what many refer to as the "window" in the holster.  We have a few different designs that we commonly use and we sometimes do custom Slide Cuts.  On some designs, the Slide Cut and Edge Cut go hand-in-hand.  For instance, the Talon Flow Cut and the Flow Cut were originally designed as a package.  It is possible to mix and match Slide Cuts and Edge Cuts though.  

Note:  We do NOT do detailed slide cuts.  We dont do initials, flag cutouts, spartan helmets or anything along those lines.  


For Pistols Without Lights  (Scroll down for Light Bearing Pistols)

For non light bearing pistols (pistols without lights) the standard cut is the Vert Cut (Shown Below).  For holsters carried outside the waistband, it will have two windows like the picture below.  For holsters carried inside the waistband, it will have a single window on bottom and a belt clip on top.  

There are three options that will give you a window of a different design.  The Talon Flow Cut, the Flow Cut and a Custom Cut.  

For Light Bearing Pistols

Holsters for light bearing pistols allows us the real estate to do a little more with Slide Cuts.  The additional space gives us the ability to offer more Slide Cut designs than is available for non light bearing holsters.  Below are the Slide Cuts for light bearing holsters.  

Matching Mag Carrier

The "Matching Mag Carrier" option will carry over the holster color and cut options to the mag carrier.  If you choose War Edges for your holster, the mag carrier will match.  The same goes for Straight Edges, Waved Edges, Patrol Cut, Surf Cut, Flow Cut and Talon Flow Cut.  

Note: Some cuts cannot be transferred to a mag carrier.  For instance, the custom heart cut-out cannot be replicated on a mag carrier as there is not enough real estate on mag carriers.  The matching mag carrier for a custom heart cut-out will have a similar flow to the holster but not a heart cut-out.  All mag carrier cut-outs / windows will be a standard vertical slot cut.  

Mag Carrier's come with only a belt clip or TekLok mount.  

Mag Carrier Hand

"Mag Carrier Hand" is referring to which side you will be carrying the mag carrier on.  Usually, if you carry your pistol on your right side, you will carry your mag on your left side.  This option is not asking whether you are right or left handed.  

Mag Carrier Orientation

There really isn't a wrong answer for this option.  Ultimately, whatever you choose, train with it and become proficient.  

"Bullets Facing Forward" is the most common option and is the choice most often chosen by modern professionals.

"Bullets Facing Rear" was the common option for the old-school guys back in the day.

As with everything else, training methods have evolved.  Many of the old-school methods are still valid and are extremely powerful when mastered, the same as modern methods.  Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you train with the orientation you choose and become proficient with it.  

Mag Carrier Clip

Mag Carriers are made in either Inside Waistband or Outside Waistband configurations.  

All Mag Carrier Designs are available as Outside Waistband.

Mag Carriers with the Indra and Bora Designs are NOT available Inside Waistband.  

        Note:  Inside Waistband Mag Carriers have the belt clip on the outside of the Mag Carrier.  The belt clip will cover the window if Inside Waistband.  If you choose to have an Inside Waistband Clip on a Bora or Indra Design, the Mag Carrier will not have a window cut into it.  

Rush Order

The "Rush Order" will cut our standard lead time in half.  Our standard lead time is noted at the top of your screen on the white banner.  

    Does your wife or husband ever get upset that you spend too much on gun stuff?  It's a very common issue.  We have been pulled into quite a few marital disputes over the past 5 years.  We've even had a wife call and request to change her husbands holster color to pink.  Sometimes life could be made a little easier with a simple letter.  By choosing the "Marital Alibi" option, we will add a note to your package saying "Congratulations on winning this item!!!!".  A copy of your invoice and how much you paid will NOT be included in the package.  This option is a free service.

    The Marital Alibi started as a joke but we have received tons of positive feedback about it so it's here to stay.  

Other Instructions

Place any and all pertinent information here that is not covered by our standard options.  

If your pistol has a thumb safety, custom grips on your 1911, etc, write that information here.  

If you have contacted us about a pistol or light not listed on our options and we have asked you to write it on the order form, write your pistol or light model here.  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER FOR A PISTOL / LIGHT WE DO NOT HAVE LISTED WITHOUT FIRST SPEAKING WITH US.  

If you are sending us a light or laser that we do not have a mold for, write that you are sending us the light/laser here.

If you have special needs for your holster, write that here.